Practical Experience

As an integral component of their professional preparation, CGA students must demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and skills gained from their formal education to a workplace environment. Students are expected to assume successively higher levels of financial management responsibilities as they advance to the PACE Level of the CGA Program. For certification, students must provide proof that they have progressed to an employment position that requires a well-rounded knowledge and professional level of responsibility in such areas as accounting, finance, audit, taxation, strategic planning, and the management of knowledge, human resources, projects, and other organizational resources. Students not achieving the prescribed competencies will have their certification delayed.

Practical experience is assessed on the basis of professional competencies. To qualify for certification, all candidates must attain a specific set of competencies through approved work experience. The minimum period of practical experience is 36 months. Of the total experience, all students must have a minimum of 1 year of accounting/financial experience at a professional level. Students registered with a Canadian affiliate must attain a minimum of 1 year of Canadian experience, whereas students registered with an International affiliate or CGA-Canada, International may gain practical experience outside of Canada.

The Practical Experience Assessment Questionnaire

Students are required to report the practical experience they have achieved starting at the time they first enrol in Advanced or PACE Level courses. Some regional offices may require students to report prior to the PACE Level. Experience gained by a student will be evaluated by means of a Practical Experience Assessment Questionnaire (PEAQ) verified by a qualified supervisor. The supervisor must be a professional who is familiar with the student’s experience and is acceptable to the Association.

The Association will review the PEAQ and related documents submitted by the student to the regional office to determine if the student has satisfied the Association’s requirement standards, and will advise the student in writing.
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